January 4, 2013

Twelve Days of Christmas 2012

Since tomorrow is the twelfth day of Christmas, I thought I'd give you your belated gifts. Of course they're all part of L.A.'s surprising biodiversity, yes even those turtle wasps!

Twelve weevils wandering

Eleven pepsis wasps piping



Ten spiders-a-leaping








Nine ground squirrels dancing



Eight ants-a-milking (though technically they should be milking aphids)








Seven spittlebugs-a-spitting


Six roaches-a-laying (down that is)


Five under wings


Four warbling birds


Three French (phorid) flies


Two turtle wasps


And a hawk in a pear infested pond

Wishing you a happy New Year...what urban nature will we find this year?

Posted by: Lila Higgins

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