Walk into the indoor-outdoor NHM and you'll experience a wild Museum all around you. Sit in the sun or the shade and explore the Nature Gardens. Then, wander inside and take in our exhibits, including the Nature Lab!

The Natural History Museum
900 Exposition Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Open Daily 9:30 am-5:00 pm
(213) 763-DINO

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Nature Gardens

Three and a half acres of living, breathing habitats. Take a break, take a picture, take a tour!

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Nature Lab

An indoor, hands-on exhibit where you can explore the nature of L.A. What you find out may surprise you!

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We have meet ups, garden tours, bird-watching walks, bioblitzes, and more. Come join fellow nature enthusiasts at our indoor-outdoor Museum!  

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L.A. Wildlife Guide

Did you know that L.A. has more wild birds than any other county in the U.S.? Check out this cool field guide and discover surprising details about the animals you may see flying, crawling, or swimming around the Nature Gardens or in your neighborhood!

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L.A. Plant Guide

With our mild climate and imported water, almost anything will grow in Los Angeles. Read this guide, with its suprising stories of plants, and find out which ones thrive in our Southern California habitat.

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Your Garden

If you'd like to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, lizards, and other creatures into your garden, start with the four basic ingredients: food, water, shelter, and space for them to raise their young. Pick up tips on how to create a welcoming garden.

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