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Fly Out to Our South Lawn!

Come to our Butterfly Pavilion and see 30 species of flutterers take flight daily! Open April 12 through September 7.

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Thanks for buggin' out!

The 29th annual Bug Fair was the "Year of the Butterfly."

Thanks for fluttering over to the Museum for a weekend full of exhibitors, performers, bug chefs, and more.

See the highlights here.



Thanks for fluttering over to Bug Fair and celebrating the year of the butterfly!
We hope to see you next year for the 30th annual Bug Fair!


Did you know… butterflies taste with their feet? Did you know… butterflies can’t fly when they’re cold? Did you know… butterflies employ colors to keep them from being eaten? Did you know…NHM celebrated butterflies at the 29th annual Bug Fair? 

The 29th annual Bug Fair was officially the year of the BUTTERFLY. It was a weekend full of exhibitors, vendors, bug chefs, and exciting programs in celebration of our winged friends. Guests saw everything from exotic insect collections to live pet tarantulas, millipedes, centipedes, scorpions, and other arthropods for sale to bug-related products, such as honey, silk, wax, and bug-inspired artwork.

In case you missed it, see the official 2015 Bug Fair brochure with a list of exhibitors and activities - HERE!

Here's a glimpse of what the weekend included:

  • Critter Crafts: Hands on activities and face painting througout the Museum!
  • Meet the Bugs of NHM: Get up close and personal with a cute and crawly critter!
  • Buggin' Out Show: Join The Bug Chicks and learn about the body parts, biology, and behaviors that help bugs in their daily lives.
  • Squirmy Snacks: Bug Chefs, David George Gordon, Zack Lemann, and David Gracer, will whip up some buggy treats for the adventurous snacker!
  • Insect Character Meet & Greet: Butterfly stilt walkers, cockroaches, and bees will emerge throughout the day – come meet the characters.
  • Citizen Science Caterpillar Hunt: Survey caterpillars that live in the gardens.
  • Tours: Discover the bugs in the Museum's backyard.

Bug Fair and other programming (excluding the Butterfly Pavilion) are included with regular Museum admission. For additional information, call (213) 763-3499 or e-mail

Bug Fair is proudly sponsored by Western Exterminator.