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Summer Day Camp 2014

Adventures in Nature offers children, kindergarten through grade 8, the opportunity to explore a wide variety of Museum topics. Register online starting March 3!


Support for Bug Fair provided by Western Exterminator Company > 

Want to Visit the Butterflies?

For more information about bringing your class or other group to the Butterfly Pavilion.
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Bug Fair 2011 Image Gallery

Thanks to everyone who came out to Bug Fair! Here are some of our favorite pictures. View more >


Thanks for BUGGING out with us!

Thanks for joining us at the 28th annual Bug Fair!

Did you know there are more than 15,000 known ant species around the world? Did you know some ants can lift and carry up to 100 times their own weight? Did you know most ant communities are headed by a queen, whose function is to lay thousands of eggs to ensure survival of the colony?

The 2014 Bug Fair was officially the year of the ANT! It was an enchANTing and brilliANT weekend full of ANTennae, exhibitors, vendors, bug chefs, and exciting programs in celebration of our multi-legged friends. Ants are social insects – and we  followed suit. Guests saw everything from exotic insect collections to live pet tarantulas, millipedes, centipedes, scorpions and other arthropods for sale to bug-related products, such as honey, silk, wax, and bug-inspired artwork.


Check out what happened at the 28th annual Bug Fair...

Cookin' up Bugs!

Otis Booth Pavilion

Presenting…David George Gordon, Zack Lemann, & David Gracer

Did you know bugs are a nutritional snack? Insect chefs were on hand to whip up some bug delicacies for the adventurous snacker!  

fANTastic activities throughout the day!

Discovery Center

ANTSY ACTIVITIES: Hands-on activities that include piecing together a buggy friend and joining our Museum ant colony!

Nature Lab

INSECT MEET & GREETS: Meet a six or eight legged animal!

Nature Gardens

ANTSY ACTIVITIES: Dig in! Craft your own seed balls with local flower seeds and build a habitat bugs can call home!

INSECT ENCOUNTERS: While the dinosaurs are away the bugs will play! Museum performers delight you with six and eight legged antics. Butterfly stilt walkers, cockroaches, and bees emerged throughout the day.

CITIZEN SCIENCE MONARCH BUTTERFLY & CATERPILLAR HUNT: Participate in some buggy citizen science!

TOY THEATER: Bug out with our performing artists for a variety of insect themed theatrics!

BUGS OF L.A. TOURS: An up-close look at some of your L.A. bug neighbors!

CITIZEN SCIENCE SCHOOL OF ANTS PROJECT: Participate in some buggy citizen science!

Bug Fair and other programming (excluding the Butterfly Pavilion) are included with regular Museum admission. For additional information, call (213) 763-3499 or e-mail

Bug Fair is proudly sponsored by ScholarShare and Western Exterminator.