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From the Ground Up:
Building a Backyard for the City

Citizen Science Manager Lila Higgins is tracking the latest and greatest developments in the Museum’s new outdoor habitat, the Nature Gardens!
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Summer Day Camp 2014

Adventures in Nature offers children, kindergarten through grade 8, the opportunity to explore a wide variety of Museum topics. Register online starting March 3!


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May 16 and 17, 2015:
Flutter, flap, zip, and soar to the 29th annual Bug Fair and celebrate the year of the butterfly!


Did you know… butterflies taste with their feet? Did you know… butterflies can’t fly when they’re cold? Did you know… butterflies employ colors to keep them from being eaten? Did you know…NHM is celebrating butterflies at the 29th annual Bug Fair? 

The 2015 Bug Fair is officially the year of the BUTTERFLY. It’s your chance to impress your friends with butterfly knowledge and get all your questions answered. Flutter and flap over to the Museum for a weekend full of exhibitors, vendors, bug chefs, and exciting programs in celebration of our winged friends. You will see everything from exotic insect collections to live pet tarantulas, millipedes, centipedes, scorpions, and other arthropods for sale to bug-related products, such as honey, silk, wax, and bug-inspired artwork.

2015 Bug Fair Exhibitors Register HERE.


Bug Fair and other programming (excluding the Butterfly Pavilion) are included with regular Museum admission. For additional information, call (213) 763-3499 or e-mail

Bug Fair is proudly sponsored by Western Exterminator.