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Dinosaurs on the Loose!

Witness Dinosaur Encounters Saturdays and Sundays in the North American Mammal Hall, Level 2.
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Support Today's Scientists, Inspire Tomorrow's Scientists

When you give to the Museum, you support our scientists' research on the planet's biodiversity. You are also creating tomorrow's scientists. Our teacher resources make each field trip a learning experience, our education outreach brings the science of discovery to schools all over L.A.
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Encounters Jr.

Encounters Jr. is a fun and active way to learn about animals, how they communicate, and how they move.

Interact with our Performing Artists, talented Museum educators who transform into familiar animals using costumes and puppets.

Programs rotate seasonally highlighting our exhibits and pavilions.  All ages will enjoy the Encounters Jr. program but most Juniors are ages 3-9.


Buggin' Out!

Bugs and arachnids should not be feared; they have jobs, homes, and talk to their friends just like we do! Spiders and bees have an important job: eating! Come spin a web with our jumping spider (salticidae) and buzz around with our honeybee (apis).

Monarch Butterfly

In order to complement our seasonal programming, catch our monarch butterfly (danaces plexippus) with a 10-foot wingspan!

Specially commissioned by the Museum in celebration of the Butterfly Pavilion, the beautiful hand-painted wings and costumes were created by a husband and wife team Ann and Robi Mukherjee.

You can see more of the Mukherjee's work at

For Teachers

Our interactive performing arts programs satisfy many of the California Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Standards for grades Pre-K through 2.

Make the most of your field trip to NHM by being sure to include a stop at Dinosaur Encounters or Ice Age Encounters presentation.
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Newest Additons

The NHM welcomes a California mantis (stagmomantis california), flower fly (syrphidae), and a ladybird beetle (coccinellidae) to the Encounters Jr. staff. These puppets were designed and built by artist Jesse Kingsley. You can see more of his work at