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Explore the galleries after hours during Haunted Museum, an exclusive event for Members at the Naturalist level and higher.
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11th Annual Haunted Museum

Día de los Muertos

presented by Scholarshare

By invitation only — exclusively for Members at the Naturalist level and higher.

Travel to the land of the dead and prepare to meet a few friendly skeletons during this one-of-a-kind celebration! Explore the Museum indoors and out and discover some rarely seen specimens and collection items specially selected by the Museum's curatorial staff.




3 Ways To Receive Your Invitation

  1. Renew or Upgrade to the Naturalist level or higher
  2. Join at the Naturalist level or higher
  3. Contact us at (213) 763-3426

2011 and 2010 Photo Galleries

Scroll through our photo galleries to see some fabulous costumes, activities, and scientific specimens from two Haunted Museums, "Fairy Tales and Scary Tales," and "Creepy Caves and Eerie Caverns." 

Fairy Tales and Scary Tales - 2011

Creepy Caves and Eerie Caverns - 2010