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First Fridays 2014: LA Stories...Walk on the Wild Side

Thanks for joining us for L.A.’s hottest, smartest nighttime event!

Relive the 2014 First Fridays season here!

From the Ground Up:
Building a Backyard for the City

Citizen Science Manager Lila Higgins is tracking the latest and greatest developments in the Museum’s new outdoor habitat, the Nature Gardens!
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Edible Garden on KCET

The Edible Garden: Breaking Ground with Florence Nishida.
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Lectures, Discussions, and Screenings


Isabella Rossellini presents: Green Porno Live!

Saturday, October 11, 6:30- 9:30 pm

Who invented sex? Why and how?
Isabella Rossellini and Jean-Claude Carrière try to answer those questions by observing the natural world from pachyderms to bugs.

How surprising! How bizarre! Males eaten right after reproduction, one’s sperm blown away by another male’s within the female vagina itself, wild orgies, fierce fights, dances, seductions, extravagances, unexplainable acrobatics, deadly enigmas, perversions, pregnant males, new born being eaten alive…It’s as if nature has willingly multiplied the tracks to create confusion. It’s as if life, to allow reproduction, would play a dangerous and chaotic game, the rules of which are settled but we don’t know by whom and they differ depending on the species.
Eggs, abandoned, drifting away by the river, ready to meet a sperm. Salmons mating in the river where they were born just before dislocation and death. The queen of termites can engender workers as well as warriors, according to the needs of her group…Snails, being hermaphrodites, tease themselves with a stinger before the act. The female of an aquatic worm isolates herself in a ten-holed shell, only one hole being the right one. The male has to spread his sperm into each hole and eventually dies exhausted, his task fulfilled.
Life being passed down whatever the cost, offers an intriguing and scary show leading to the unavoidable question: What about us? Where are we standing?

The text, written by Jean-Claude Carrière, will be read and performed by Isabella Rossellini.

This program is currently SOLD OUT.  To be added to a wait list, please call 213-763-3499.

Program Schedule
6:30 pm Doors Open/ Reception
8:00 pm Show
9:30 pm Event concludes

Citizen Science and Cocktails: ZomBee Watch

Thursday, October 23, 5-7:30 pm

Concern about threats to honey bees and other pollinators is mounting. In the U.S. hive failure rates are increasing as honey bees deal with introduced mites, diseases, pesticides and other stressors. Recently a new threat to honey bees the parasitic phorid fly Apocephalus borealis (AKA the Zombie Fly) was discovered in San Francisco. Bees infected by the fly (Zombees) show disoriented zombie-like behavior leaving their hive at night to die under nearby lights. San Francisco State Unviersity's John Hafernik will discuss the implications of zombie fly parasitism for honey bees in California and beyond. He will also provide information on how the public can get involved in tracking prevalence of parasitism across North America through the citizen science project ZomBee Watch.

Dr. John Hafernik is Professor of Biology at San Francisco State University, and serves as President of the Board of Trustees of the California Academy of Sciences. His research focuses on evolutionary and ecological processes and conservation biology. Currently, he is investigating the impact of a new parasite of honey bees, which he discovered on the SF State's campus, on hive health. He is co-founder of ZomBee Watch, a citizen science project that has been featured by Scientific American, Discovery Channel, KQED and many other media outlets.

5 pm - Cocktail reception (cash bar)
6 pm - Lecture begins
7:30 pm - Event concludes

This is a FREE program, but an RSVP is required.