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The Museum's Nature Gardens offer a perfect platform for workshops related to food, gardening, and bio-diversity.
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Curator’s Cupboards

These special weekend events are your chance to meet members of our curatorial team, ask your own questions, and get a first-hand, up-close look at many amazing curiosities of our collections.
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Do You Want To Start Your Own Veggie Garden?

NHM's master gardner Florence Nishida explains why we should start our own healthy vegetable garden at home. Fall gardening classes start soon, part of our new and expanded Workshops program! 
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From the Ground Up:
Building a Backyard for the City

Citizen Science Manager Lila Higgins is tracking the latest and greatest developments in the Museum’s new outdoor habitat, the Nature Gardens!
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NHM workshops provide you with hands-on experiences and relevant skills. Enjoy your time at the Museum in our beautiful new garden spaces while also learning something new!


Tortilla Workshop Sunday, February 22, 1-3 pm

This workshop is sold out. 

Mask Making Workshop Sunday, March 29, 1-4 pm

Explore the ancient art of paper mache mask making. Over the centuries paper mache masks have been used by a variety of cultures for occasions such as dance traditions, ceremonies, festivals, and theater. Drawing from the Museum's Grandes Maestros: Great Masters of Iberoamerican Folk Art exhibit, get inspired and join us to create your very own hand-crafted mask to take home. 

INSTRUCTOR: NHM Performing Arts staff
COST: Members $15, Non-members $20 

REGISTRATION click online here or over the phone at 213.763.3499.

Cacao Workshop Saturday, April 18, 1-3 pm

Explore the cacao glyph from the classic to post-classic eras of Maya civilization! In this hands-on workshop we will learn how the cacao bean transforms into a chocolate beverage as well as into a finished bar. See and learn how to roast and de-shell the beans to get nibs. We will then take these cacao nibs and stone grind them on a metate and mano. With the finished product we will also delve into the flavorful spices that are used to create traditional drinking chocolate with chilies and cacao.

INSTRUCTOR: Patricia Tsai from ChocoVivo
COST: Members $20, Non-members $23

REGISTRATION click online here or over the phone at 213.763.3499.

Tufa Planters Workshop Saturday, May 30, 1-3pm

Hypertufa is a fun process for creating "instant antiques." The finished planters will have the look of weathered, hand carved stone. Come and learn the basics of this easy, do-it-yourself project. Everyone in attendance will take home a bowl or small trough that they have created. Once you master the technique of making a hypertufa planter, the possibilities to express your own creativity with larger and more complex projects will be a snap. 

INSTRUCTOR: Steven Gerischer
COST: Members $20 | Non-members $23

REGISTRATION click online here or over the phone at 213.763.3499.

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