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Curator’s Cupboards

These special weekend events are your chance to meet members of our curatorial team, ask your own questions, and get a first-hand, up-close look at many amazing curiosities of our collections.
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Do You Want To Start Your Own Veggie Garden?

NHM's master gardener Florence Nishida explains why we should start our own healthy vegetable garden at home. Fall gardening classes start soon, part of our new and expanded Workshops program! 
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From the Ground Up:
Building a Backyard for the City

Citizen Science Manager Lila Higgins is tracking the latest and greatest developments in the Museum’s new outdoor habitat, the Nature Gardens!
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Summer Nights in the Garden

Come get outdoorsy and spend your summer nights at NHM!

Check out highlights from the 2015 season here!

Summer Day Camp 2014

Adventures in Nature offers children, kindergarten through grade 8, the opportunity to explore a wide variety of Museum topics. Register online starting March 3!



NHM workshops provide you with hands-on experiences and relevant skills. Enjoy your time at the Museum in our beautiful new garden spaces while also learning something new!


Compost Workshops with L.A. Compost October 3 | November 14 | December 5

L.A. Compost is partnering with the Natural History Museum to hold two more FREE compost workshops this fall. For more information e-mail 

Composting with Worms
Saturday, November 14 | 9:30-11 am
At this workshop you will learn how to set up a home vermicomposting system, care for your worms, harvest their castings, and apply the castings in your garden. Instructor: Jason Sanders of L.A. Compost 

How to Make Compost Tea
Saturday, December 5, 2015 | 9:30-11 am
This introductory workshop will teach the benefits of feeding your garden with compost tea. We will brew a small batch of tea with finished compost, and then learn how to apply the tea to your garden. Instructor: Daniel Feldman, NHM

Still Life: The Science of Preservation  Saturday, December 5 | 10 am - 1 pm

Wander through the Museum’s diorama halls and you come face-to-face with the art of Tim Bovard. He’s our resident taxidermist, responsible for preserving our specimens and bringing them to life in exhibits. Come hear Tim’s secrets—from secretly placed mirrors to handmade plastic leaves. Participants will explore the types of preservation in practice at the Museum, learn the basics of taxidermy, and roll up their sleeves with practice mounting specimens. Don't miss this hands-on workshop that explores the science, and art, of preservation.
Don’t forget to visit Mummies, New Secrets from the Tombs, the exhibition that gives you a rare, up-close look of one of the most ancient forms of preservation.

COST: Members: $20 | Nonmembers: $23

Save Your Water! Sunday, December 13 | 9 am - noon

Drought?! El Nino?! No matter what’s in store, learn how to maintain a water-wise landscape.

L.A. is experiencing one of the worst droughts on record, however a torrent of rain is promised with the arrival of an El Nino weather system. So what do these contradictions mean for our yards? How do we preserve the water we have, no matter how much or how little? In this workshop, learn how to maintain a water-wise landscape that relies on household greywater and rainwater instead of the tap. You will learn the basics of sustainable technologies, bioswales, plus you'll have a chance to roll up your sleeves and build a greywater system in the Museum's Nature Garden. 

COST: Members $15 | Nonmembers $17

Art of Tea Sunday, December 13 | 2 pm – 4 pm

Take a walk through the history of tea, one of the oldest and most-consumed beverages.  Steve Schwartz, founder of Art of Tea, will discuss in the Museum's Home Garden teas, botanicals, and blending practices. Explore with him how you can take herbs and plants from nature to craft delicious tea blends that help to nourish the body and soul. You will see some of these plants growing in the garden, experience what they feel like after drying, and have an opportunity to blend and taste your own signature tea. 
Steve Schwartz
Master Tea Blender and
Founder and CEO of Art of Tea
Ayurvedic medicine
Cost: Members: $20 | Nonmembers: $23

The Juicy Story of Citrus Sunday, January 10 | 1 pm - 4 pm

Trace the history of citrus: from its Asian origins as a delicacy savored on special occasions, to an ornamental masterpiece in European Renaissance gardens, to the center of a booming Southern California citrus industry. Peel back the years as we focus on the history of SoCal citrus. Participants will prepare salads using various types of citrus, and then of course, grab a fork and dig in!  
INSTRUCTOR: Maite Gomez-Rejon |
COST: Members: $28 | Nonmembers: $30