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Aurora Butterfly of Peace diamond collection

The Aurora Butterfly of Peace, a world famous private collection of fancy-colored diamonds arranged in the shape of a butterfly, is on exhibition for six months in the Gem and Mineral Hall’s Gem Vault beginning December 5. Harry Rodman and curator Alan Bronstein spent 12 years assembling the 240-piece collection, one stone at a time. Natural colored diamonds are extremely rare and this collection, weighing a total of 167 carats, is a rainbow of hues. The spectrum includes purple diamonds from Russia, blues and oranges from South Africa, lime greens from Brazil, violets, and dozens of pink diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia.

To know more, visit the Butterfly home page by cliking here.

The Aurora Butterfly of Peace. Photo by R. Weldon, copyright: Alan Bronstein for NHMLAC.