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Fossil Fanatics

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Programming 9:30 am - 12 pm

Admission for Homeschoolers is free all day


Are you a fan of fossils? A paleontological prodigy? Then this Homeschool Day is for you! 

Fossil Fanatics covers all you need to know about the discovery, excavation and research of ancient life. The day's programs include:

Fossil Detectives

Think like a scientist and become a Fossil Detective!  Facilitated by a Museum educator, become paleontologists trying to solve a fossil mystery. What were ancient animals like when they were alive? What did the world around them look like? Wrap up the program by drawing a mural depicting your conclusions about the dinosaur, marine reptile or ancient mammal you observed and discussed.

Animal Meet & Greet

Did you know we have a living collection? During our Animal Meet & Greet, let a Gallery Interpreter introduce you to a special guest or two from our live animal program!

Exploration Station

In the Grand Foyer, look for some of our Gallery Interpreters showcasing some of their favorite fossilized specimens in the museum.


During this live performance, get up-close and personal with a life-sized juvenile T. rex or Triceratops. Your imagination will soar as performers paint a picture of dinosaur behavior and movement, and inspire you to think about the lives of these amazing and mysterious creatures.