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Lesson Plans and Activities - Grade 1

Plant Parts - Discover the parts of a plant by growing them in the classroom, then comparing your observations to the plants in our Nature Gardens!

Squirrel ObservationsObserve, collect, and analyze data on a popular animal that's easy to find in a schoolyard!



My Wild L.A. - Tell your story about L.A. nature and use it to develop a narrative work and inspire a research project!



Let's Talk Rock - Use scientific vocabulary to practice making observations.

Categorizing Collections - Sort rocks and minerals into different groups by their attributes.

Teachable Moments - Quick activities to guide student exploration in the Gem and Mineral Hall.



Mighty Mammals - Learn what makes a mammal a mammal, and use descriptive words and drawings to demonstrate your knowledge!



Adaptation Sensation - Compare adaptations of modern-day animals with fossil specimens to determine how ancient animals used to survive.



Teachable Moments - Quick activities to guide student exploration in the Bird Hall.



Teachable Moments - Quick activities to guide student exploration in the Mammal Halls.