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Lesson Plans and Activities - High School

Traveling the Silk Road

runs Jan 13 - April 11 2014

Dowsing the Past Use an ancient technology to rethink Los Angeles' water distribution solution, as well as your sources of information.


Gem and Mineral Hall

Chemistry See chemistry in action in this adaptable lesson set that examines mineral composition and formation.

Earth Science Classify minerals by observable characteristics and relate mineral properties to the environments in which they form.


Age of Mammals

Global Processes Review evolution by natural selection, then conduct a reserach project about a specimen in our halls to discover its evolutionary history. To watch the video associated with this lesson plan, click here!


Dinosaur Hall

Amazing Adaptation Use a Tree Map to connect observations, inferences, and conclusions about an observed specimen in the Dinosaur Hall, then consider how natural selection played a role in that specimen's evolution.