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All Mobiles are completely booked for Fall 2014.

We will be accepting Winter and Spring 2015 requests for the Earthmobile and Seamobile beginning on October 15, 2014.

Request a Mobile.

Additional questions? E-mail or call 213.763.3271

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Program Overview

  • Two hour program for students in grades 3, 4, and 5 
  • Students learn about the history and daily life of Chumash people of the past through the science of archaeology
  • Earthmobile program is facilitated by two NHM instructors who work with students on the mobile (field lab) and in a classroom component (museum lab)
  • Earthmobile programs schedule in the Fall semester may also be eligible for a follow-up visit to the Natural History Museum with subsidized bus transportion for each participating class.
  • If you are already scheduled for the NHM field trip component, you may wish to prepare for your visit by reviewing suggested itineraries or visiting the Museum in advance--teachers are free with a school ID!


Connections to California State Content Standards

Grade 3 Standards (PDF)

Grade 4 Standards (PDF)

Grade 5 Standards (PDF) 


Program Objectives

  • To capture and cultivate student interest in archaeology and science
  • To immerse students in the work of a scientist and apply methods used in scientific inquiry, including observation, data collection and making hypotheses to understand how we know what we know about people of the past 
  • To allow students understand the interrelationships between animals, plants, and humans in the local environment by exploring the natural resources of three regions: the coast, mountains and islands.
  • To deepen understanding of the complex history and culture of Native peoples in Southern California


Curricular Materials

Recommended Pre-Visit Activities - from Teacher Guide (PDF)

Earthmobile Teacher Guide (PDF)