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"We often said that this project made us feel so alive in the classroom — and if the teachers felt alive, so did the students. Thanks to this project, we were able to make learning go beyond the four walls of the classroom."

1st Grade Teachers, Moffett Elementary School

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Now on View in Inter/Act!

"Bridge Over Time: How Do People Use Public Spaces?"
June 26 - September 12, 2010

Visit the Roundtable program's latest exhibition in Inter/Act, featuring an after-school project in which students from Parras Middle School discovered the history of their Redondo Beach neighborhood through History, Language Arts, and Theatre.

See Project Ideas for downloads of full project summary, photos gallery, and project video.

The Inter/Act gallery space is located on Level 1 of the Museum.

Project Spotlight

Let photos tell the story!

Browse the photo galleries of past and present Roundtable projects.

Claiming Our Space
How Do I Observe My World?
Our L.A. Basin: A World of Wonder
Backyards & Front Porches
How Is Identity Influenced By Nature?

Photography by Don Farber

Ideas for Learning

Explore K-12 project ideas created by Roundtable education and community collaborations. Discover project-based lessons and activities that promote interdisciplinary learning through science, language arts, history, and the visual and performing arts.


Inter/Act: Where Learning Is Made Visible

Inter/Act is a flexible exhibition space located on the Museum’s Level 1. The space displays educational projects of the Museum’s Education and Arts Roundtable, an educational partnership, which fosters deep and engaging learning processes through artists-educators-and-Museum collaborations. Inter/Act showcases student responses — both their work and their processes — to program topics that are both relevant to them and to the Museum’s collections and resources. It is a space where learning is made visible.

A variety of student exhibitions are held in the Inter/Act space throughout the year —  the results of arts-rich, interdisciplinary learning projects. Once on display, students gain enormous satisfaction and a more meaningful connection to the Museum when they return to Inter/Act with teachers, family, and friends to witness their work on view in a Museum space. The creative output that students generate as part of Roundtable projects varies greatly depending on grade level, project concept and partner collaboration.

Recent Roundtable projects exhibited in Inter/Act have included:

Stuck 2: a learning project about Ice Age mammals, in which first grade students wrote and performed a three-act play that compared Rancho La Brea 40,000 years ago with Rancho La Brea today. The exhibition included video and photo documentation of field trips and dance and theater workshops, classroom work, and student and parent reflections. It also included the stage backdrops that the students painted themselves, as well as their handmade costumes made from recycled materials.

Claiming Our Space: a fourth grade student project that examined land use in Los Angeles and the concept of territory and claimed space. Museum field trips and the study of land use millions of years ago, plus the exploration of neighborhood landmarks and the significance of personal spaces culminated in the assembly of a 3-D neighborhood map that included the landmarks and significant spaces “claimed” by these young students.

Our L.A. Basin: A World of Wonder:  In an exploration of the ecological history of the Los Angeles Basin, high school students worked in teams to create 16 abstract sculptures in response to their study of the L.A. Basin. The site-specific installation addresses themes of water conservation, land use, and environmental responsibility and was designed specifically for Inter/Act.

What are Museum visitors saying about the Inter/Act Gallery?

  • “A great learning environment for all ages!”
  • "I think it is really neat and creative.  I need to come here more often."
  • "Excellent!  Please bring this to [my] school."
  • "I think it's a fantastic 'process' opportunity for the students.  Very creative!"
  • "Combining art and natural history it's inspirational.  Love the space."

Curious about how Roundtable projects comes to life?

Click on the links below for a brief 3-5 minute video short of past and present Roundtable projects.

STUCK 2 (Grade 1)

Claiming Our Space (Grade 4)

How Do I Observe My World? (Grade 4-5)

Tar Babies Unchained (Grade 8)

Our L.A. Basin: A World of Wonder (Grade 11)