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"My students feel a part of something bigger . . . They feel acknowledged and appreciated.  This feeling of comfort has occurred because people are invested in them and want to see them succeed, connect, and understand."

Luisa Barba, 1st grade teacher, Moffett Elementary School

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Teachers Share Out!

"A lot of our students are English Language Learners, so if they can't say it in English, they can move and show us that a sabertoothed cat has fangs or that a dire wolf can pounce...and so the movement really empowers our learners, because they are able to have a voice."

Luisa Barba, 1st Grade Teacher, Moffett Elementary School

Voices from the Community

"What's different about this relationship [with the Roundtable] is that this is really being created by the partners, by the partners working together.  What ends up happening in the classroom is the product of everyone bringing their expertise to the table."

Jo Ann Isken, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Lennox School District

Ideas for Learning

Explore K-12 project ideas created by Roundtable education and community collaborations. Discover project-based lessons and activities that promote interdisciplinary learning through science, language arts, history, and the visual and performing arts.


Past and Present Roundtable Partners

Since 2005, many committed collaborators have participated in Roundtable projects and activities. With a shared commitment to creative, interdisciplinary learning, Roundtable partners have been inspired (and are inspired by each other) to produce student experiences that reach beyond the classroom and beyond expected parameters of student engagement in and with the Museum's exhibits and collections.

Below is a list of our past and current Education & Arts Roundtable collaborators:


  • Edward Asner
  • Kim Abeles
  • Ann Bray
  • Adrienne Campbell-Holt
  • Alejandro Cohen
  • Jacqueline Dreager
  • Don Farber
  • Michelle Fennema
  • Libby Gerber
  • John Girgus
  • Sergio Lechuga
  • Sean MacGillivray
  • Judy Marcus
  • Rick Nahmias
  • Miya Osaki
  • Meriel Stern