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What's New?

Interplay: Inspiring Wonder, Discovery, and Learning Through Interdisciplinary Museum Community Partnerships

Learn about the origins of the Roundtable program and explore case studies of community partnerships in this new 124-page Museum publication.

Hard copies of Interplay are now available from the Museum Store, or download PDF of full publication here. (3.5MB)

Education Hits the Road!

Our Mobile Museum programs — the Earthmobile and Seamobile — are unique educational spaces situated in modified tractor-trailers that simulate scientific research environments.
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Our Exhibits Meet State Standards!

Our diorama halls are just one place where teachers and chaperones can meet State Standards! To download easy-to-use field trip guides that are aligned with Standards.
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Ideas for Learning

Explore K-12 project ideas created by Roundtable education and community collaborations. Discover project-based lessons and activities that promote interdisciplinary learning through science, language arts, history, and the visual and performing arts.


Bring Our Treasures to Your Home or Class!

As of the 2010 - 2011 school year, Members Loan is closed for the season. Check back to this page in the 2011- 2012 school year for the most updated information on the program. Thank you for your understanding.

The Members Loan Service is designed to allow individuals who are either museum members or educators to borrow from the Museum. A large collection of museum-quality science specimens, historical objects and models, cultural artifacts and thematic Teaching Trunks can enliven your science discussions, augment your social studies curriculum, or be a subject of artistic expression.

Teaching Trunks (including artifacts, video tapes, posters, children’s books, and an Educator’s Notebook with background information and classroom activities) provide a complete unit of study on a variety of science, social science, and cultural subjects. Meanwhile, artists borrow the many mounted birds and mammals because taxidermy is a perfect model for life drawing and painting. Many parents use the service to incite family learning at their home, while their children use the collections to deliver vibrant oral reports.

Borrowers can select 3-6 items per check out for a period of two weeks.  Members Loan is free, but a credit card is required for deposit.


Items available for Loan: 


Reptiles and Amphibians
Fish and Marine Life
Social Studies
Native Americans
Westward Movement
Early California and Mission Period
Gold Rush
Ancient Civilizations
Central America
South America
Teaching Trunks

Teaching Trunks

Thematic Teaching Trunks are portable kits filled with "hands-on" artifacts and specimens, books, videos, audiotapes, posters, and an educator’s resource notebook with background information and classroom activities. Each trunk is designed to provide a complete lesson plan for teachers and are available on a variety of different topics.

Renting these trunks is absolutely free. Although there are no reservations, there are first come, first served waiting lists for the more popular trunks. Call the Members Loan Service at (213) 763-3228 to sign up for the waiting list.

Click on the links below to learn more about each Teaching Trunk.

Acorns, Sea, and Sage: Culture and Life of the Chumash and Tongva (4)
Africa : One Continent, Many Worlds (rural & urban)
California ’s Gold Rush (2)
California History: Mission and Ranchos
Cats: Wild to Mild (2)
Dogs: Wolf, Myth, Hero & Friend (2)
Egyptian Mysteries
Masters of the Ocean Realm: Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises (2)
Seamobile: Marine Biology
Sharks: Fact or Fantasy (2)
Skymobile: Geology and Mineralogy
Tiniest Giants: Discovering Dinosaur Eggs
Visiones: The Folk Art of Latin America