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Best of the West

NHM's gem and mineral collection of about 150,000 specimens is the most significant in the country, west of the Smithsonian. See More


Gem & Mineral Council 2014 Events

November 5-19, 2014: Myanmar Gem & Mineral Tour Guided by Geologist Kyaw Thu, "A Journey through Mogok, Myanmar."


In addition to the European Gem and Mineral Experience, we will be visiting ruby, sapphire, and peridot mines in Mogok, as well as the famed Mogok gem markets. We will also visit sites in Yangon and Mandalay, and spend two nights in Bagan, ancient city on the Irrawaddy River with over 2,000 temples and pagodas. This trip is open to Gem & Mineral Council members at the $1,000 and above level only. For more information on Gem & Mineral Council membership, click here.

 More information on this flyer (click here)

Jamie Newman / AMNH

Saturday, Dec 7: Jewel Tunnel Imports OPEN WAREHOUSE SALE


We are having our annual Jewel Tunnel run again this year. There will be minerals from around the world, jewelry, geodes, carvings, bookends, and much more. These make great gifts so it's a great addition to your Christmas shopping.

Rock Currier, owner of Jewel Tunnel Imports will be opening the warehouse to Council members and guests. Refreshments are served throughout the day as you search Rock's endless shelves of rare treasures. Rock asks for your support of the Council by making a tax-deductible donation of 25% of the purchase price. That means that you will still be paying nearly 40% less than retail. (Sales tax will be charged unless you can provide a resale number.) Please plan to write two checks, one for your purchase and one for your donation to the Gem & Mineral Council. There is no admission charge for this event. Family and friends are welcome, but Rock asks that any children be closely supervised. There will be more than enough rocks and minerals for everyone, but plan on coming early to give yourself plenty of time to go through Rock's vast stock. For more information, click here to see the flyer.

Please RSVP at or call 213-763-3326

Saturday, January 17, 2015: An Evening at a Collector's Home


Our first meeting of 2015 will be kicking it off at our emeritus curator's home.

In addition, Tony Kampf will be giving a talk on fakes and frauds. Many mineral specimens (and indeed most gemstones) have been “doctored” in some way to improve their appearance and their salability. Unfortunately, the practice of “enhancement” is a slippery slope, sometimes leading to outright fakery and fraud. He will be looking into the critical and often humorous ways of the many different techniques for enhancing and faking mineral specimens (and some gems) and the clues to look for in detecting them.

By invite only.

For any additional information about these events, please contact the Gem & Mineral Council at or (213) 763-3326.


Temporary Exhibit: The Aurora Butterfly of Peace


The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County was pleased to present the Aurora Butterfly of Peace, which was on display in the Gem Vault through June, 2014. More information here!

The Aurora Butterfly of Peace: a collection made of 240 natural fancy colored diamonds. Photo: R. Weldon. Copyright: GIA.