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Mineral Sciences Contact Information

Gem & Mineral Council
(213) 763-3326

Aaron Celestian, Associate Curator
(213) 763-3360

Alyssa Morgan, Collections Manager
(213) 763-3327

Tony Kampf, Curator Emeritus
(213) 763-3328

Fax: (213) 749-4107



Technical support is still available to registered users by contacting Tony Kampf. Most installation problems can be solved by reading the following:

     The Photo-Atlas of Minerals DVD requires Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express. The version of this program provided on the Photo-Atlas DVD will no longer work with recent versions of Windows (including Windows XP with recent service packs). It is, therefore, necessary to download and install the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express before installing the Photo-Atlas. This download is available free from Microsoft at:
     In addition, operating system defaults introduced in Windows Vista and Windows 7 prevent the user from copying files (including the Photo-Atlas content) to the Program Files directory. In order to copy the Photo-Atlas content to your hard disk, it is necessary to first turn off User Account Control (UAC). The easiest way to locate UAC on your computer is to type in “user” or “UAC” in the Windows search box either under the Windows Start Menu or Control Panel. After you turn off UAC, you will be able to copy the Photo-Atlas content to your hard disk. After you have done this, you can turn UAC back on.


The last update for the DVD version of The Photo-Atlas of Minerals is 2.05, released in August 2007. We recommend that all users of the DVD version install this update. This can be done by downloading the file and copying its contents to your hard drive according to the instructions below:

  1. In order to install this update, you must have already installed the Photo-Atlas and copied all images (and other content) to your hard drive.
  2. Close the Photo-Atlas if it is running.
  3. If your operating system is Windows Vista or Windows 7, turn off UAC as described above.
  4. Open the file and drag its contents into the directory in which you installed the Photo-Atlas. If you used the default during original installation, this will be "C:\Program Files\LACMNH\ Photo-Atlas of Minerals." (Note that the directory "Photo-Atlas" in the root directory of the drive on which you installed the Photo-Atlas is for storing print and slide show files and is NOT the correct place to copy the update files).
  5. Answer "Yes" when prompted to overwrite existing files in that directory.
  6. You can now turn UAC back on, if you wish.


All images on the Photo-Atlas of Minerals are copyrighted. To identify the photographer for any particular image, look for the name following the copyright symbol.

Contacting the photographers:
Paul M. Adams:
Dan Behnke:
John Betterton:
Volker Betz:
Dr. Bruce Cairncross:
Rick Dillhoff:
Georges Favreau:
Anthony deGoutière:
Monica Graeme: deceased - Contact:
Gary Grenier: deceased
Patrick Haynes:
Jim Hamblen:
Dr. Donald G. Howard:
Dr. John A. Jaszczak:
Dr. Erik J. Jonsson:  
Dr. Anthony R. Kampf:
Tom Loomis:
Tony Nikischer:
Luciano Pasetti:
Lou Perloff: deceased - Lou Perloff gave blanket permission for any of his photographs to be used for any non-commercial purpose provided that proper credit is given.
Ken Roberts:
Dr. George R. Rossman:
Jeffrey A. Scovil:
Henry Smit:
Milton Speckles: deceased - Although Milton Speckles did not give specific instructions regarding the use of his images, he was generally quite liberal in allowing their non-commercial educational use. We, therefore, presume that such use is allowable provided that proper credit is given.
Julius Weber: deceased - Permission to use images credited to Julius Weber should be sought from Viesti Associates, Inc., a stock photo house that currently distributes his images. Their website is:
Sugar White:
Wendell E. Wilson: - Wendell E. Wilson prohibits reproduction of his photographs, except for purely personal use or with his express written permission. This prohibition extends to any public media including electronic, internet, book, magazine, and newsletter.
Wolf Windish:
Dr. William S. Wise:
Stephan Wolfsried: