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Mineral Sciences Contact Information

Gem & Mineral Council
(213) 763-3326

General Inquiries
(213) 763-3328

Collections Information; Meteorites
(213) 763-3327

Fax: (213) 749-4107

The Gem & Mineral Council

The Gem & Mineral Council is a support organization for the Gem & Mineral Collection and Exhibit. It also supports the research on new minerals and on diamonds, which enables unveiling the secrets of the Deep Earth.

The Gem & Mineral Council provides a varied schedule of activities including exciting field trips, educational lectures, and exclusive social events. To learn more about The Gem & Mineral Council and how you can become a member, visit The Gem & Mineral Council webpage.

Gem and Mineral Hall

The 6,000-square-foot Gem and Mineral Hall was opened in May of 1978. Another 1,500 square-foot gallery titled Gemstones and their Origins was added in May of 1985. Together they comprise one of the finest exhibits of gems and minerals in the world. In 1989, Los Angeles magazine rated it as the finest permanent museum exhibition of any kind in the Los Angeles area.


Learn More about Gems and Minerals

General - Minerals, Rocks, and Gems

The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom (general information on minerals and gems)
The Vug (general information and lots of dealer links)
Bob's Rock Shop (something for everyone and lots of links)
Yahoo! Rocks, Gems, and Minerals (links to websites)
Online Education Resources: Geology For Kids (links to websites)

Minerals, etc. 

Webmineral (lots of data and information on minerals)
Mindat (the largest mineral database and mineralogical reference website)
Rockhounds Information Page (links to other websites)
Mineral Collectors Page (links to other websites)
Athena Mineralogy (names, formulas, classifications)


International Colored Gemstone Association (information on gemstones)
Birthstones (arranged by month and by sign)

Geology (lots of information about geology)
GeologyLink (links to geology websites)
Geotech Dictionary of Geologic Terms (just what it says) - Geology (stories, information, and links)

Clubs for Enthusiasts (mostly Southern California)

The Gem & Mineral Council
American Federation of Mineralogical Societies
American Opal Society
California Federation of Mineralogical Societies
Culver City Rock and Mineral Club
Fallbrook Gem & Mineral Club
Fluorescent Mineral Society
Friends of Mineralogy - Southern Calif. Chapter
Kern County Mineral Society
Mineralogical Society of Southern California
North Orange County Gem & Mineral Society
Searchers Gem & Mineral Society
Searles Lake Gem and Mineral Society
Sierra Pelona Rock Club
Southern California Micro-Mineralogists
Ventura Gem & Mineral Society


Mineralogical Record
Rocks and Minerals
Lapidary Journal
Mineral News

Agencies and Institutes 

American Geological Institute
U.S. Geological Survey
California Geological Survey
Cal Tech Seismological Laboratory
Gemological Institute of America
Geoscience Departments WWW Directory

Professional Societies 

Mineralogical Society of America
National Association of Geoscience Teachers
Geological Society of America
Geological Society (United Kingdom)
International Mineralogical Association
Society of Mineral Museum Professionals