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Support Today's Scientists, Inspire Tomorrow's Scientists

When you give to the Museum, you support our scientists' research on the planet's biodiversity. You are also creating tomorrow's scientists. Our teacher resources make each field trip a learning experience, our education outreach brings the science of discovery to schools all over L.A.
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Vertebrate Paleontology Staff

John M. Harris, Ph.D., Head, Vertebrate Studies Division and Vertebrate Paleontology Department

Dr. Harris researches Pleistocene mammals of North America and Neogene ungulates from Africa.

Lawrence G. Barnes, Ph.D., Curator Emeritus of fossil marine mammals

Dr. Barnes pursues his life-long research interests on the systematics of fossil marine mammals.

Xiaoming Wang, Ph.D., Curator of terrestrial mammals

Dr. Wang continues to collect fossils in China, researching the fossil history of the Tibetan Plateau, and pursues his research on the fossil history of carnivores, primarily dogs. Click here for personal page.

Samuel A. McLeod, Ph.D., Collections Manager

Dr. McLeod concentrates his research studies on the fossil history of marine vertebrates, including sharks and sea turtles, and of marine mammals. In addition to managing the Vertebrate Paleontology collections, he performs paleontological record searches for Environmental Impact Reports.

Howell W. Thomas, Senior Museum Preparator

Howell Thomas researches fossil marine mammals and birds, with a particular interest in paleopathology — injuries, deformities and diseases in vertebrate fossils.