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BioSCAN Collecting and Sorting

BioSCAN Collecting and Sorting

BioSCAN Collecting and Sorting

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A Wild, New NHM for L.A.

In the Nature Gardens, L.A.'s plants and wild animals — and you — have a delightful new home. You can spot butterflies and hummingbirds, observe and track species with our scientists, take nature walks with NHM's educators, participate in gardening classes, and explore 3½-acres of cool new trails!

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  • Monarch Butterfly

    Did You Know? In winter months, monarch butterflies hang out on the West Coast between Mendocino and San Diego.

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  • Opossum

    Did You Know? Opossums not only play dead, they drool too - perhaps to look sick and unappetizing to predators.

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  • Pillbug

    Did You Know? Pillbugs (aka rolly-pollys) are not bugs at all. They are actually crustaceans -- related to crabs and lobsters!

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  • Western Pond Turtle

    Did You Know? These shy natives are being beat out in Los Angeles by Red-eared Slider turtles, which are bossier, faster, bigger, and lay more eggs.

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  • Ladybug

    Did You Know? Ladybugs and beetles are your backyard's fiercest killers.

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Put Nature on the Map

Here or anywhere -- outside, at school, at home, in a park, on a hike -- take a picture of the plants and animals you see, and help us build our Nature Map. Your contribution could be L.A.'s next, great wildlife discovery!

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Our Spider Survey discovered the first documented brown widows in the city. Today, in some neighborhoods, the brown widow is more common than the black widow!

Photo: Matthew Field